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Jim Gray's Torch Red 1999 Corvette FRC (730 HP to the wheels)

This Corvette has been upgraded to a 383 stroker, LS1 based engine with a Procharger F1C supercharger along with other drivetrain modifications. The computer tuning was done by using LS1 Edit software. It is driven regularly, has A/C, cruise, and all other options. It gets approximately 25 MPG on the highway. It is docile enough to be driven daily and is totally reliable. Estimated top speed is in excess of 200 mph and the car is capable of 9 second quarter mile times.

Sean Roberts' 1984 Corvette Coupe

Street legal, 106mm Precision turbocharger, 401 CI Chevrolet style small block V-8, Hogan's intake manifold, F.A.S.T. engine management, approximately 2,400 horsepower and driven on the street. Best E.T. so far, 1/4 mile: 6.87 @ 210, 1/8 mile: 4.59 @ 164.